An Introduction

During their early years at Rock A Tots, your child will be assigned a key person as a reference they can always count on. Your key person will develop a close relationship with you and your child to ensure all of your child’s needs are met. Your key person will periodically generate summative assessments to help summarise your child’s developmental levels, achievements, and areas of development thus required. The key person is there to share these findings with you and there will be many opportunities for you to discuss your child’s development at home and at nursery celebrating any goals and ‘wow’ moments! Our door is always open so you can always ask to speak to your key person should you wish to do so.

The Early Years Principles


A Unique Child

Every child is unique and an individual, at Rock A Tots we cater and plan for the individuals needs and interest.


Positive Relationships

Children learn through positive and strong relationships. We encourage good relationships between children, parents and staff members.


Enabling Environment

At Rock A Tots our enabling environment stimulates and supports the individual child’s needs and development.


Learning And Development

Children learn and develop in a variety of ways. We provide support, encouragement, challenge and playful experiences for children to learn.

More Information

More information on the Early Years Foundation Stage can be gained from asking a member of the staff team or visiting Planned activities and resources are created through daily child observations, these observations allow us to cater for children’s needs, interest and development levels.

Prime Areas


Personal, Social and Emotional

The routine within nursery will provide children with opportunities to develop their own identity, self-esteem and emotional development. Group times, turn taking games and practitioners role modelling provides children with chances to socialise.


Communication and Language

Strongly supported with song and rhyme times, storytelling, group times and by practitioners asking open questions, introducing new vocabulary and by using effective listening skills.


Physical Development

Including dance, action songs, threading, jigsaws, drawing, construction play. Outdoor play including ride-on toys, skipping, jumping and running. Practitioners support children with their self-care skills and also through our toileting/toothbrush program.

Specific Areas


Understanding the World

Small world play: farms, cars, trains, dolls. ICT: computers, cause and effect toys, magnifying glasses, cooking, gardening, walks around the local community. Talking with practitioners about their home and families.


Expressive Arts and Design

Role play, music, dance, messy and sensory play, painting, drawing, sand and water play, junk modelling and musical instruments.



Counting games/songs, building with shapes/bricks, posting, shape sorters, problem solving games, measuring, filling and emptying.



Writing, drawing, stories, singing songs, rhyming.

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